Evidence that Can Help Your Car Accident Case

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2 min readSep 12, 2022

If you have been in a car accident in Oklahoma City, at first, it might seem like you don’t have much to do to seek justice for yourself. But the reality is you can do many things, even at the site of the accident. You need to take as much evidence as possible about the crash. You have to make sure you have proof of how it happened and how it has affected you. If the crash happened for another person’s negligence, then you can gather such evidence and hire an auto accident attorney. Your attorney can also help you gather more evidence to protect your from any fabrication that your defense makes against you.

Maintenance Record

Your defense might claim that you had some mechanical issue or defective auto parts to blame the accident on you. Your auto accident attorney can guide you about obtaining a copy of maintenance records or inspection reports. This will help you prove that it was their fault and not yours.

Photos or Videos

Most auto accident attorneys suggest taking photos and videos at the scene of any vehicle accident. It can be critical in highlighting the mechanics of the car and showing fault in a car accident claim. If you are in a condition to take photos after the crash, make sure to document everything about the accident site. Do the documentation from many different angles. While taking pictures of the crash site, ensure to pay special attention to the placement of the car, any injuries you have suffered, skid marks or broken glass from the accident, the condition of the accident, any traffic control devices, and weather and lighting conditions.

Witness Testimony

If you are not so severely injured, you should consider speaking to other people at the accident site. Most auto accident attorneys suggest taking the witness’s contact number and name. They will be able to provide an objective description of what they saw, which might help to back up your story.

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