OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations — How Can Workers’ Comp Help?

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2 min readSep 8, 2022

More than 70% of scaffolding incidents happen because of defective planks, tripping of slippery surfaces, and falling objects. Scaffolding mishaps are most common in the construction industry.

Hazard communication requires the employer to inform the workers of the presence of dangerous chemicals in the workplace. Acids, asbestos, heavy metals, pesticides, and petroleum products are some of the most common substances that fall under HCS.

Lockout/Tagout violations occur due to poor documentation and inadequate employee training. There should be written procedures for every piece of equipment in the workplace.

Fall incidents account for 36% of all fatal injuries on work premises. Employers must eliminate tripping hazards, keep floors dry and clean, and guardrail on open platforms to combat this risk.

Every year, thousands of workers are blinded or incur facial injuries due to an unsafe environment at work. PPE can reduce exposure to such hazards.

There are mostly two types of industrial truck accidents — one, when the forklift tips over, and two, when the truck is driven too fast.

Industrial equipment like power saws, shears, milling machines, and guillotine cutters are supposed to be handled with extreme caution. These machines can crush and tear off body parts if operated incorrectly. Machine guarding is the term for protection mechanisms.

Workers’ Comp and On The Job Injury Lawsuits

When a worker is injured on the job, they are offered workers’ compensation, regardless of fault. Workers’ comp benefits include medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, and disability (temporary or permanent) coverage. It also pays for death benefits if the worker loses their life.

The policies of workers’ compensation don’t allow the employee to sue the company for a work injury. However, on the job injury lawyers can help you file third-party suits against manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, or property owners. Such lawsuits may help you recover wages for excessive wage loss and mental suffering. However, keep in mind that, unlike workers’ comp, here you will need to prove fault.

You Deserve Compensation; We Will Help You Fight for It

Chiaf Law Offices fight for the rights of injured workers in OKC. Our on the job injury lawyers are highly skilled and harbor the professional expertise to get you the most out of your workers’ comp claim. They will also help you with third-party lawsuits. Between deadlines and tight rules and regulations, it is important that you do not delay your claim at all. Contact Chiaf Law Offices at (405) 524–1501.

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